As things start to reopen, we think its important to continue to support our local community!  Help us get the word out about local gems by taking a selfie at a favorite business, attraction or community space!


Take a selfie in front of your favorite business or place to visit locally – it could be a store, restaurant, a park, a tourist attraction, (or ahem, a bank!) and tag* @AvidiaBank and use #MetroWestLocal on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to enter for a chance to win or submit it through our page below.  

Submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2021.

*All posts must be public in order to be entered to win.  See terms and conditions.


$250 Niche Hospitality Gift Card

$100 Niche Hospitality Gift Card

$25 New City MicroCreamery Gift Card

$20 Harvard Sweet Boutique Gift Card

Show some love for MetroWest!

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